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370 PIC questions


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A few quick questions, as I'm trying to resolve a few problems on a 370 with a PIC (ver. 2.6) and SP2000.

1.) They talk to each other fine, but when I try to connect via the network, to transfer a file to the incoming folder, I need a username/password to connect to the PIC server. Is there an easier way to connect to the Frontier to print directly?

2.) How do I re-configure the burner/CD/Card Reader drive letter assignment in the PIC software (right now all inputs are set to d:\, which is obviously not right)

The system was restored with ghost CD/ installation disks, and left at defaults (I didn't do the re install), and I will need to add or edit an admin, regular user, etc.

Are there default passwords that can be tried?

Any and all (knowledgable) suggestions are welcome.

erie patsellis

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very regret to inform you, i dont know anything about PIC. in fact PIC is avialable only few countries like USA, canada etc..we all are using C4-C5, FE, MS ....

but regarding your first issue, try to add your PC user name in PIC computer. also do vise-versa. once connected MAP the network drive.so it could be easy. also try to login as Administrator and see.

regarding second issue i guess there might be admin mode. where u need to enter with a password. there must be sub menues for changing the default path... i think so.. ;-)


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