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Champion CP49


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Champion purchased Kodak's chemical manufacturing plants a while back, so I would assume that Champion's chemicals are identical to Kodak's, and Kodak has sold only 1 type of cartridge that can be used in either CP48 or CP49 machines. Check out http://wwwcaen.kodak.com/global/plugins/acrobat/en/service/chemicals/CIS-229.pdf for more information.

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The official word from Kodak would be that although Kodak chemistry may come from Champion plants, the Kodak chemistry is made to Kodak's specifications and there is no reason why any Champion chemistry would need to be made to the same specification.

I suppose Kodak may well have an agreement with Champion that would preclude Champion making the same product.

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Thanks for Information.. according to technical data, Replinisher rate is same with CP49E but the temperature setting is different. In my region some shops testing this chemical, and they got this chemical from border traders. I think they been using this for at least a month and some got complain over print quality and also from staff abut chemical smell. I believe it may not affect for equipment hard wares, such as rollers, gears, etc... but in long term it could affect. ( that what i think according to my experiences). Thanks everyone for sharing ur information.

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