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MS software for 7700


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Hi everyone, Im very depress of the frontier 7700 colour, The problem lies on the white spot or over expose images. The picture turnout like burn-off with very strong yellow cast. I have try other adjustment and event remove autocorrection but the quality still can't match 570 at all.

I find that the ms software is a big problem.

Anyone can help on the burn-out or comment on this frontier 7700.


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i can help you out if you post a print that has problem. without seeing any how can we help you with problem. i been installation 7700 but i haven't seen white spot problem. burn-off thing --- clean colorimeter plate with acid free hand soap and change default color setting R=5 G=10 B=10

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sorry about your issues. we had installed 4 numbers of frontier 7700 and 10 numbers of frontier 7100. all machines running with MS software and no problem so far. even i didn't do any color settings or balance corrections.  concern me new MS software is excellent. its better if you can post ( Attach)  some images here.


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