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How to install Photoshop CS3 on Frontier 7700?


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Dear Bakul

in your case you must have a serer PC in your network. you can install Photoshop to Server PC. you don't need FMPC for Frontier 7***. if you install MS01 with printer support in that PC, it will control printer ans also work as server PC. you can also do printing from it. IF you print out direct from Photoshop you will need another software called MS12 printer driver software. It can use at server PC only.

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Dear NattSoe

I have installed the CS3 on Server PC. However, it seems that the MS12 software does not allow the 7700 model to print from Photoshop.

Apparently this does work for older models.

Any ideas how to print DIRECTLY from within CS3? Currently they say no printer driver available for 7700 to be installed on Photoshop, is this correct?

Hope to hear from you.

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