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HELP FOR C4-C5 INSTALL on 350/370


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i'm facing a hard time with my server I've followed all the step for the installation of the print and wryting software C4-C5 on frontier 350 but at the end the F-DI changer launcher just stand there as an icon on the lower pol without working but when i start the system with the C4-C5 cd in i receive a message start F-DI IMAGE CONTROLER? when i say yes it start the installation anew

   i please anyone in pocession of the C4-C5 PDF install files to send them to me or can you guys tell me how to configure the server.

here are my settings i've done

user : FRONTIER in cap letters

pass word : FRONTIER in cap letters

computer name :FRONTEND in cap letter but no pass word

IP address :

subnet mask :

FOR THE DRIVES  i have  C: as the system,D: for the spools and a third drive name E:

at this point the SQL server run good with MSDE installed showing a green arrow on it

but after installing the print and wryte software the digital image controler doesn't start

when i go in C:\fe an d launch the print service,it sart and wryte error.

please help me my job is under thread

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