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LP 7700 Calibration chart


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Just install frontier LP7700 and when performing calibration chart,the chart shown yellowish scale instead of gray scale. The readiing indicate OK with no value change. is it normal? I have try serveral time and no change at the yhellowish scale at all. pls advise is the procedure wrong or is the calibrator not properly install.


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Dear antzzzz

you are using Frontier 77000 right? Do u have installation manual??? Calibrate colorimeter is one of the task to do in post installation work. R u installation by your self or technical support ? if by yourself i can help you out with the setps. but if installed by techical technical team you better ask them to solve.

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In that case you better ask your supplier for Calibration plate because it is a standard accessory. it look like a small piece of thick paper with one white circle and one black circle. it come together with calibrator data CD. it is easy to lost. it you can't fine it. you have to re-order it again.

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