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7500 paper jam with daily setup

Christina Rose

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frontier 7500 showing paper jams with daily setup.when carrying daily setup with 6" Glossy, paper feed also going into the calorimeter and make paper jam with calibration prints. means paper feed and calibration print entering calorimeter together. usually paper feed shouldnt go to calorimeter. it should go to upper tray. but only with daily setup feed going to calorimeter. i just wonder why? solinoid funcioning normal. except daily setup paper jam machine works normal. any idea?


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Is this a high volume site.

When was the 7500 installed?

May need to check the lower turn belts especially Dev then Bleach, one may have stretched or gone looooooose causing the overlap.

We run our similar model Noritsu's 15 hours per day and change the belts every 3 (sometimes 4) months.  By that time they're usually starting to be troublesome with paper jams etc.

The upper turn guide BL to STB is also a source of paper drive issues if the large grey rack idler gear and XO gears are not cleaned every day. The rack idler gear which drives the XO double gear gets worn on the shaft which elongates or goes oval causing intermittent drive. The small shaft which supports this gear also gets worn out.

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You need to find out if the over-lap is in the processor or drier section.

The easiest way to do this is wait until the two prints are in the last STB before they reach the drier, and then raise the processor cover.  Lift the STB rack and inspect whether the prints are stuck together or not. Try that first, if they are stuck together then recover the machine and work backwards by stopping the process at each previous rack until you find the problem one.


If you have a small magnet you can by-pass the cover interlock, but this is not adviseable as the recirculation pumps continue to run with the rack raised which will cause a lot of frothing in the STB. Your heater thermal-fuse may activate if the float swithches are stuck up.

The DEV rollers can become coated in an oily/greasy film if you don't change your filters regularly, might need to scrub (gently) the rollers here.

If you execute a daily set-up print during the day, do the prints jam?

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