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Hi all ! i from to VIETNAM, this is the first i visit to minilabhelp and i need everyone help me.I have Frontier 370 it have problem :


Ex: When open my picture in the application photoshop then it Size 12.7 cm x 16.2 cm but when i print on the paper size is 12.7 cm x 16.5 cm with NORESIZE. The machine Frontier 370 of me print the SIZE 12.7 cm x 16.0 cm.

pls help me ... :o


" sorry because I say english very bad"

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guess u mean you want print  5" x 6.4 " and after print you getting 5" x 6.2.". it sounds nearly 2 mm lenght less in printout. if it feels like toomuch problem, go feed length adjt. menu and increase 2 mm length for 5" mag.

or make a new printsize 127 x 170 and make a printout  (127 x 162 size image ) with no resize and see whether its getting more length than 160 mm..


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Thanks Sisir !

but, because this is first time I am used FRONTIER become me know nothing about it. Does you can guide my donation more concrete?

Ex: Where is adjust print ? .... and where is adjust maintenance menue? .I am in search of the maintenance menue but isn't known where !

please help me. Thanks very much !

( sorry if any out-of-truth what that please by- pass because I speak English very badly )

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