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Help, FD-I Problem


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Hy everybody, i've decided to go with the Fuji 370 (lp2000, sp2000) and have installed it myself. Everything went well until i tryed to scan a film and write it on a cd.

"CD-R Library" message when i try to write cd's and cd writing canceled, anybody know why

and another thing, each time i print something, it prints 1 blank photo. is this normal?

Fuji 370

FDI Dell 390


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please give somemore details like getting blank picture from both films and digital? regarding cd writing first try to export ( free export BMP or JPG) and write it on a blank cd thru any third party burining software. if so c4-c5 is working good. if cant write to direct cd, check cd writer SCSI or not. otherwise you need a c4-c5 5.5 SP2 ( service pack 2) for enable local cd writers. moreover check the settings  in admin mode. also please follow the technical manuals. there mentioned very clearly each and each steps.

blank print is not normal. i dont know u talking about " feed". please explain all the problems in detail.


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ok now i understood problem. but this is very rare case. never heared like this problem before. frontier prints blank prints because of many other reasons. but as u said this has no back print. did u check the machine parameter settings inside the printer menu? check the machine configured as LP2000 incase of frontier 370 and LP1500 in case of frontier 350.

sub scanning unit is under the laser unit. for cleaning subscanning unit, first disconnect and remove laser unit. use an air blower to blow away the dust and dirts and after use a wet cloth to clean the rollers.

also try to reload the system disk ( reinstall all softwares ) and see any change.

i hope u change feed length for all paper magazine to 82.5. also check any loose connection of firwire cable, other scsi cable from CPU to Image processing box and other cables.

i am just curious about this problem..

pls do inform if get a solution.



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Hi, the blank photo is a precut. every half an hour (maybe 15 minutes, i dont know exactly) the machine automaticly rewinds the magazines back (if you don't print) and when you do print it makes a precut. I've set the precut lenght to minimum, 82.5. So the solution is, just print regularly and you will not have the precut print.

and for the CDR problem, i' updated to CDR library 1.76 and now its ok.



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