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Anyone who can tell me about SP2000?


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We are now looking at buying a new minilab, probarly it will be a Fujifilm because of their good warranty and service.

But the cost of a new filmscanner for 135/240 and 120 was so high that we will probarly go for an SP2000 used scanner (with service and warranty from Fujifilm), but since they work in another way than our Noritsu scanner, i was hoping for some info from you guys here:)

It will be delivered with a 135 (Auto), a 240 (Auto) and a 120 (Manual) carrier.

So how does this Manual 120 carrier works (we have a Auto 120 carrier on our Noritsu)?

Do we have to move the film by hand, and is there different "masks" for 6x6/6x7/6x9, maybe even mounted 135?

What is the max resolution when scanning to media (cd, harddrive)?

Is it possible to scan 110 film in the 120 carrier with some kind of "mask"?

We will connect the SP2000 to a LP7100 and also have a digital worktable, gonna be strange from what im used to now:)

Hope some of you will share with med:)

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120 and 110 film are printed with the manual neg base. There are masks that fit onto this base to adapt it to the different formats, and you need a mask for each 120 format you wish to print. There is a light table built in to this base which helps you position the negative, then you press the start button and the film moves in to the light path and a prescan is made. After color and density adjustments are made, you press start again and the final scan is made. Much slower than an auto carrier, I'm afraid, and the SP2000 does not have Digital Ice or any other automatic dust and scratch elimination. Other than that, it is a fine unit and a dependable workhorse.

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"We will connect the SP2000 to a LP7100 and also have a digital worktable, gonna be strange from what im used to now"

you must need FMPC ( MS01 Server)  for connecting SP2000 with LP7100. means you cant connect scanner directly to the 7100 printer. please check the compatibilty of this combination with fuji technician. also the system disk of SP2000 will be ver 7.6 onwards.

Regarding Digital ICE, try to get  SP3000 scanner instead of SP2000. which includes std options like Automatic red eye correction and scratch and dust elimination. really good scanner for proffessional use..



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I'll check the FMPC issue with the tech guy, as he explained to me the SP2000 was gonna be connected to the PC on the digital worktable (with MS Premium software) and not directly to the printer.

The reason for getting a SP2000 instead of SP3000 is price, film production is going down, but we still need the 120 mask, and a brand new SP3000 with 120 base cost apx. 40 000$ the SP2000 just 10 000$ used, overhauled by Fujifilm, and with warranty and full service.

Is there no alternative other than SP3000 (no SP2500 or something?) that has at least Digital Ice technology?

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i think if u have less production then go for frontier 330 digital minilab. ( recondtioned/used  from fuji.) discontinued modal.. so u dont need any seperate printer and scanner. at a cost of 30,000 US$, u will get a good frontier 330/340 max print size 8x12...possible to scan and print from 120 negatives.. less maintenance. small size. high quality.

alternative frontier scanner is SP500. but couldnt able to use 120 negatives.

7100 cost around 60 000 US$. so you need to invest 7100 + SP2000= 70 000/-  both 7100 and 330 having print width is  8".



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