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"Door open Error" on 390


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Thanks for your reply,

I have a problem there, as the printer wont initialize, I cant make proper communication between the scanner and the printer.

I think that I have a fault with the replenishment unit being properly seen by the printer.

Is there a way to bypass that and set it up to see it as a regular rep tank as in the SFA series, would this bypass the error?

Thank you.

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first u will need to intialise the machine proper. there might have some errors. thats why printer not being intialised. if its related with replenisher tank, or door  then findout the cause and make it ready first.

its possible to change cartridge to conventional chemistry like old SFA series. guess 390 running with CP48S cartridge system. generally special conversion kit available from fuji for changing CP48S cartridge to CP47L ( like SFA, external tank system).. without kit also conversion possible. but getting compatible replenisher tank with level sensors which is very difficult. some times tank may get but sensors wouldn't match with PCB connector. replenishment system works without level sensors. but have to be care the level of liquids.

..........please feel free to ask if more doubts.


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