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Hi experts

i am going to buy a frontier 350 or 370.Which softwares are best for these machines.Can i install latest softwares like FMPC, FE on these machines. What is the price of these softwares if i want to install them personally.I think best software can make best prints. Is that true?

Actually i am very confused about the software please help me.Thanks in advance.


Sajal Bhagat


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According to my experience with fuji frontier, Fuji pic 2.6 or lower will be substandard in handling digital prints. You will need to purchase a software package that is geared towards professionals such as Halse to handle your digital workflow better and give you better quality prints.

there are other softwares that have been used in the industry such as frontline, Kodak D1 or Pic pro which will cost atleast $15,000USD or more.

Pic 2.6 is good enough for drug stores that cater to amatures and will not be sufficient for professionals that demand quality prints. I have seen other minilabs that come with "good enough" software right out of the box and I will suggest looking at other minilabs such as Noritsu, DKS etc and their softwares before making a purchase and then trying to buy software which could be costly.

This is only my opinion based on my experince with my Fuji frontier 370 with fuji pic 2.6 and I do not consider myself an expert.

Hope this helps.

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where r u located?  there is lot of software version which is suitable for the frontier series..usually ur system may comes with system disk A1 series with C4-C5 for DI, or it could be PIC pro ( applicable only USA).mentioned previous reply. all the new softwares are bit expensive. so think twise before going for that.

latest softwares are below..

FE series.( support frontier 330/340/350/370/355/375/5xxx series.) cost between 3000-4000 US$.

FMPC  ( will not improve print quality.rather makes production 30-40 % fast. cost nearly 3000 US$.

MS (latest software from fuji especially designed for frontier 7XXX series..excellent in print quality and has lot of new features. support all frontiers except 330/340 with FMPC. cost between 5000- 7000 US$. this all are approximate price. and the price may change as per the country and region.

hope this may help you....

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