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Replacing PIC cd burner.


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I just found this message board and am hoping someone will have some ideas for this problem.  Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

We have a situation with a Fuji Frontier 340 and IBM PIC (photo imaging controller) 2.6 system where we want to replace the CDRW.

The problem is that the CDRW in the PIC unit is a SCSI drive. We want to replace it with and IDE drive. There are IDE controllers inside the machine and the IDE drive shows up just fine and works in windows.

Within the PIC software however it keeps looking for the SCSI drive and complains that media is missing when attempting to create the cd order.

Is there anyway to make the software use the IDE drive, or just fool it into thinking the IDE drive is a SCSI drive.


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Not only does the DI Software not support IDE Drives but you have to be careful as to what kind of SCSI Drive you replace it with also. Because The Software only recognizes a couple of Drives for Example Plextor. these are very expensive Drives and near impossible to find on the Web.


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