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help with start up chemicals


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I am writing  from Algeria. I just bought a Fuji Frontier 350 ( LP1500SC ) along with a Fuji film processor FP363SC AL. I am a photographer but a newcomer to the minilab business. My requests are:

1/ Can I safely use the CP-47L II start up chemicals on the Frontier 350 instead of CP-48S starter kit that I could not find? If yes can you help with the mixing instructions please. The kit consists of:

1/  Color developer starter

CP-47L / P-1S 10Lx10  ( # 951 590 )

2/  Color developer replinisher (ready to use)

CP-47L II / P-1R, 2.5Lx4  ( # 995 092 )

3/  Bleach-fix replinisher (ready to use)

CP-47L II / P-2R, 4Lx2  ( # 995 100 )

2/ For the FP363SC AL, all I could find was an uncomplete CN-16Q start up chemicals kit .The details are :

1/ Color developer starter

CN-16FA / N-1S, 10Lx6  (# 948 299)

2/ Color developer replinisher

CN-16Q /  NQ1-R, 10Lx2 (# 922 757)

3/ Bleach replinisher

CN-16Q /  NQ2-R, 8Lx2  (# 922 765)

4/ Bleach-fix replinisher

CN-16Q /  NQ3-R, 8Lx2  (# 922 773)

I don’t have the NQ4 stabilizer. Can I use any stabilizer?

I do have the CP-48HV replinisher cartridges and CN-16S/ NC1 and NC2 cartridges. Thanks for your help.

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