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126 film in Frontier 570?


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I operate a Frontier 570 setup and am looking for help in doing 126 film in it. At present we send this away to be done offsite but this is very unsatisfactory. The range of sizes printed is very small, no hand assessment offered, the service takes a long time and there are very often problems such as negs cut through the frames, marks on the prints and crossed/lost orders.

The Frontier 570 specifications say it will do 126 with optional carrier or mask which we do not appear to have but I cannot find any reference to them anywere. I have done reprints from 126 negs using the manual 135 carrier and mask but it results in unacceptable cropping.  In addition, can the film be put through the film processor in the same way as a 135 film, attached to the same leader card?

Any help would be very much appreciated,


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