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paper jams


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We had this problem a while ago, it coincided with using the lighter weight paper but was actually caused by a fault in the dryer that slowed things down and the machine thought it had finished, plus the fact that we did not have soft touch tyres in the racks, these were replaced ( and there are lots ) and all is OK. If it is a fairly recent 350 then you probably will have soft touch tyres.

Another possibility is that the middle, upper and lower doors are not completely closed dead flat, this can cause the paper to go slightly off course and then present you with a jam.

With regard to the lighter weight paper, whilst it is OKish on 6x4/7x5 prints for Joe Public, on a 15x10 you can practically spit through it, also if you have a lot of light areas in the photo you can actually read through these areas, not ideal for professional customers so we have gone back to the thicker paper for everything.


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