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Frontier 570 and equipment info please


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I have been offered a very good deal by Fuji on their machines but i need some info if possible :

1) Is there a "template generator"available. If i have say a gold border that i use a lot can it be generated and put permanetly on the printer so that i can scan any film and apply the border to that film and print it at the same time without scanning the film and doing the whole batch thing in Photoshop ?

2) Is there seperate software avail that i can use to send through digital work from my normal workstations that i run Photoshop, Coreldraw etc on. Not the Kiosk software.

3) How does it compare in workflow to the Noritsu machines. I'm running a 2711 with Kodak DLS ver 3.0 software at the moment.


Gerrit Louw

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