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Upgrade hardware on G3


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Hello! Sorry for my english!

I've read all the topics here but i need ask again about how to upgrade hardware in my G3 kiosk.

So motherboard in my kiosk died and i tried to install software on another hardware, but when i start printing the system says that it needs to reboot (media-953736e1-337). I read here that i need only g41m chipset motherboard.

Can it work w/ this configuration?:

ASRock G41M-GS3 / Core2duo processor / Kingston memory (2x1gb) ?

Thank you for help!

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G3 can run with any motherboard / processor. My G3 currently runs Version 4 software with an Intel i3-2300 processor on an Intel DH67GD motherboard. The trick is to make sure 'newdev.dll' is correctly named and in the correct directory, then Windows will find the drivers (Kodak renamed it slightly in Windows to stop hardware upgrades)  8)

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the media-953736e1-337 error you see is about the audio of your motherboard. This will showup after printing or when the screensaver starts. The built in audio card on your new motherboard is 5.1. Buy a new cheaper soundcard 2.1 with pci connection. you need to disable the onboard 5.1 audio in the BIOS.

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You would know answer to these questions I'm already tinkering locooo of both and I can not find the solution:

I updated the drivers for the new motherboard, and it works.

But I can not find the secret to accept flash drives (USB sticks, flash memory), you would know the secret tell me where it is?

Also I have problems with the card reader, I have tried several, and I do not take photos of the cards, only one external probe?

  (I think the secret may lie in the letter assigned to the drive, but not to have to change)


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