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Driver Kodak 7000


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Quite a claim there Chopper. You know taht the machine is quite old now, and was rpelaced by the 605?

I won't doubt the reilability of the 6800 , but it is not available anymore, and there are other machines now on the market from other brands. Kodak doesn't rule the roost anymore, regrettable as it may seem.

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You can't run a 7000 6" printer from a PC

Not quite true  ;)

There is the driver released in June, but I am not sure if it is valiable to the customers, maybe as a package together with Kodak Creative Production Software: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/business/retailPhoto/products/software/cpsMain.jhtml?pq-path=13292, which (together with the driver installed) will work and you will get a nice software for doing a lot off different staf  ;)

Check with your Kodak distributor (or directly with technitian on how to get it)  ;)

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