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Try cleaning the large stainless steel rails that the rotor slides on (at the top of the exposure section).  The manual mentions cleaing them with an alcohol swab.  A little build up  here can cause the print head to judder slightly when advancing , and that can cause banding (which is what I see in your sample).

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What type of photographic paper are you using in the Kodak?  Some papers don't have enough sensitivity for the kodak and it shows as banding.  Have you cleaned the lens on the print head?  It gets full of paper dust from paper jams, and that can cause all sorts of issues.  To do a good job you have to remove the whole imaging assembly. It isn't as hard as it sounds, but you should follow the procedure in the service manual.

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Hello there,

          I have problem in my LED II 20P machine.When i print the photo machine gets hang. It shows the Message "Printing".

After reintializing the machine problem remains same.if it prints one file i try to print another file machine gets hang and it is giving the smae message "Printing". while message showa "Printing" the vacume sounds turn off.

          Is the problem of RAM or something else relating to Communication can't understand.Please help me regarding this.

          waiting for reply.

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