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Kodak 6800


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this is a problem with the pinch roller motor AY. Do you have three choice :1) upgraded the mother board of the printer (go to menu and touch +/- To Main Firm the lastest is if remebe :190

                                                                                                       :2) change by new one ( if you are not specialist is very difficult ti make it).

                                                                                                        :3)check the connector CN12-CN62,CN41-CN71,CN72-CN41

Good luck


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The pinch motor is a high-failure parts... Many countries / customers are waiting for this motor.... Stock one more is my advice to 6800 and 6850 printer user...and good luck.

Frenchman,,  I don't understand your first advice [ upgrade the mother board ??? ]. Do you mean we don't need to replace the motor after following your upgrade procedure ? ? ? ? ? ?

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hello davidlam,

I'm  not totaly sure of my reponse but it's the first thing that i make when i have printer in my hands,and yes of course the pinch motor is a big problem of shinko printer.

Many 68XX are not upgraded and the latest firm (190) correct a lot of problem.

Bye frenchman.

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Yes, latest firmware version (as long as I know and by March 2008) are :

191A      for  6800 printer

305B      for  6800 LC printer

405B      for  6800 LC RoHS printer

608A      for  6850 Printer

I'm not sure if there are even newer or lastest I mean..Cheers !

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Hi I was upgrading my kodak g3 with the Kpk v 1.6 from v 5.2. After I did that I was trying to upgrade the printer firmware  while it was upgrading it some how it gave me the message the power was interrupted for the printer. I chacked the fromt of the printer lcd light was giving me the message it "control error 41". I could not get that error to go. to load any printer firmware it ask to check it the printer is ready mode. but always stays on "control error 41". I try turning on and off no cnage. I pluged the printer to a regular computer with operating system 2000.and try installing firm ware v 69. it some how took that one but the error message still the the same no chage.  Any idea how can I get this printer back to work.


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