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6850 double image on center of print


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My 6850 started printing a light double image down the center of the print. It is about 1/2 inch wide on a 6x8" print. The test print comes out fine, but any print from an external source produces this image. I've replaced the print head, swapped out the AY controller board, checked all of the connectors, swapped out the usb connector, printed on different PCs. No bunching up or depressions on the print ribbon It must be something having to do with processing the images from an outside source, but I have run out of ideas. Anyone experience this?

Going crazy!!!!!!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Good news!!! Just before I was about to give up, We temporarily hooked up another wiring harness from the print head to the AY controller board and that solved the problem. On a whim, we reattached the original harness and the problem was gone also. Don't know what caused the original problem, because it worked fine at an event I was doing and when I got home, the double image appeared. I didn't drop the printer, it just happened. Still I'm still a little "gun shy" of this printer. It happened for no reason and maybe it will happen again during event. Still I'll use it, but have a backup unit with me just in case.

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