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Pakon F135 Plus Error 149


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I just purchased a used Pakon F135 Plus film scanner. Using VMWare Fusion on my Mac Mini, I setup a Windows XP virtual machine with an additional unformatted "N" partition. and installed the PSI 3.0 software. The scanner is recognized, and I can begin a scan using the PSI software. However, the scan stops after about 2 inches and alerts me of error code 149. When I click OK, and window asking for an "Index" for DX codes comes up, and I can see previews for a few "frames" consisting of the exposed first few inches of my roll of film before the DX codes start. The film is Kodak Portra NC 400, which has DX codes on it. Can't find any info about this. I ran the track test and gain test in the calibration wizard, but it didn't indicate whether it was successful. You help is much appreciated.


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If it helps,

Here is the relevant bit from the error log.

---- Thu May 24 11:39:45 2012 (Version 3, 1, 0, 28) ---- (Scanner Type 1351, Serial 16238) ----

Version USB 0x03,0x0F  CCD 0x00,0x00  Lamp 0x05,0x0A  DX 0x00,0x00  Motor 0x05,0x06  Aps 0x00,0x00

CN_Global FN_uiGetScanLines EC_ProcessedRingTailOverflow (149) 0

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