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Kodak Apex system -Error 12-7


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some days ago show on post my problem with kodak apex .

When load multiple then 80 photos, system goes in crash.

Reboot and re start system.

Now wrote error code on white paper.

Error code is 12-7 with red triangle on side.

For me could be ram error or similar.

could you suggets me?

thanks bruno

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sorry for time passing,

but neither kodak technician solve me situation. i think not matters.

you can see error list on "Order management" section, 3rd tab on apex software V4.xx/5.xx.

error code substitute order ID and follow section (format, qty...), then could see 12-7 ..... restart ...

on web couldnt find error list code, which help me to solve problem.


system stopped only when got more photos than 80-100.

but when you got 20s pics, system could on stand by time that you want.


should be trouble when printer or usb module goes on "waiting time" or "stand by", time to elaborate order, cropping ect.

already stopped energy save mode on usb ports from mage system.

any idea?

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