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Kodak 6800 Paper Jam 02 Alarm


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I have a 6800 printer with 8,004 prints, that I bought used. It worked fine until I had a paper jam. When I load the paper, reinitialize, power down & back up, changed paper rolls, etc. I get the Paper Jam 02 alarm. The printer will intialize and start to feed the paper, but then will stop and the message comes up. There is no noise, no jamming or damage to the paper edge. When I press the button to rewind the paper, the message Paper jam 23 comes up. I press the rewind button again and the paper will rewind and the Paper Empty display comes up. I took the covers off and used compressed air to blow out any possible dust and have also manually fed paper through to check for any blockage. I emailed Kodak and they were no help. They basically said "They have no idea". All they wanted to do was have me buy a replacement unit for $825.00 plus shipping.

Does anybody have any suggestions? With such a low print count it would be a shame to use this unit for parts. I know a service manual would help, but we all know they are almost non existent. Thanks in advance.

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Yes. After getting the Paper Jam 02, I rewind the paper and then get "Paper Jam 23". I press the paper rewind button and the paper rewinds and left at Paper Empty status. There is no paper edge damage. The paper just stops. If blown out all around the unit for a possible sensof

blockage, but no luck

I am on the new consumeable, CAT#1010867, and have upgrated the firmware. Before I go in and start taking apart a low milage printer, I just want to make sure I haven't missed something obvious.


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Hi,good morning

This upgrade to the new consumible  I had problems with 6800 / 6850 the Motor 1 had problem, doesn´t run smoothly   . This will cause paper advance problems and that´s why you will have all kind of errors.

Please run Diagnostics and do the following test -- Enable Motor1 to run and hold the drive belt with your hand-- If you manage to hold the belt,then your Main Board is faulty

( The Driver Circuit to Motor1 --Step Motor--)

This Main Board is very expensive from Kodak and I manage to have them repaired locally ( Portugal) and since the beginning of the year I have repair about 6 Main Boards.

Printer 605 no problem

Kodak came out with a new Firmware update ONLY 6800 &6500 ----Feb. 2011--

I hope this will help

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Hey, I was able to get the 6800 printing. After replacing the Paper Edge sensor, it still didn't work. My son took the controller board off of one of my parts units and the unit fired up. Fortunately, I had a parts unit. Unfortunately, I'm minus a backup controller board in case of another problem. Anyways, it's running.

Thanks, evryone for your suggestions. It's great to have people out there to help.


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Hi , I have a 6800 kodak printer, and is giving error paper jam 91, one the diagnostics possible causes are top sensor , but i see 3 top sensor , someone know which is the one causing that problem, or is the The CONTROLLER BOARD AY  the problem ?? ,


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hi can i help u...did u clean all sensors of ur printer and reset connectos to controller board and junction board?if u have another printer try to swap controller to the printer that have problem and junction board also sensors...

hope i your printer work after you doing what i've said...ty godbless...

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El 4/5/2011 a las 20:23, iehitch dijo:

Tengo una impresora 6800 con 8,004 impresiones, que compré usadas. Funcionó bien hasta que tuve un atasco de papel. Cuando carga el papel, reinicio, apago y retrocedo, cambia los rollos de papel, etc. Me vende la alarma de Atasco de papel 02. La impresora se inicializa y se alimenta el papel, pero luego se detiene y se muestra el mensaje. No hay ruido, no hay atascos o daños en el borde del papel. Cuando se presiona el botón para rebobinar el papel, aparece el mensaje Atasco de papel 23. Presiono el botón de rebobinado recientemente y el papel se rebobinará y aparecerá en la pantalla de Papel vacío.Quité las cubiertas y utilicé aire comprimido para eliminar el polvo posible y también introducir papel manualmente para verificar que no hubiera obstrucciones. Le envié un correo electrónico a Kodak y no me ayudaron. Ellos no recibieron "No tienen idea". Todo lo que querías hacer era comprar una unidad de reemplazo por $ 825.

¿Alguien tiene alguna sugerencia? Con un recuento de impresiones tan bajo, sería una pena utilizar esta unidad para piezas. Sé que un manual de servicio ayudaría, pero todos sabemos que casi no existen. Gracias por adelantado.

Buen dia!! Disculpe la molestia como pudo solucionarlo. Tengo exactamente el mismo problema. Exactamente lo mismo. Gracias

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