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Kodak 8110 Printer - Specks on Photos


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I purchased a used Kodak Kiosk that has a 8110 printer.  The prints come out looking really nice, but they have random small specks in the pictures.  Has anyone else seen this happen?  The color of the specks ranges from white, green, yellow, etc...  I saw someone selling one of these printers on eBay as great working condition, and the sample print had the same specks I'm seeing on mine.  I'm beginning to wonder if this is normal?  However, there's no way I can sell the prints like this?  Any suggestions?

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Dust in the printer, or the area the printer is located  is usually the problem. It gets under the ribbon, and depending which ribbon panel goes over the top of it, the color can change.

Try blowing compressed air all throo the printer, and wipe it all over with a damp rag and see if that helps.

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Be careful with compressed air that you do not blow dust further into the machine, also make sure the machine has been switched off for some time. There may be dirt on the thermal head and that requires more careful cleaning , prefereby with a spirit based micro fibre cloth. Alternatively speak to a dealer of such goods who have a technical/repairs dept.

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