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Epson large format and APEX


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I have loaded the version 3 Epson installer on our APEX running version 5. The system says there is an Epson 78xx attached on USB but I can't find any way of sending a job to it. All the print sizes are selected, the unit is set to print on paper with a double cut but the large format option on the order tab is not blue and can't be selected. Am I missing something?

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The Apex is specifically set up to connect via network to the Epson. We had a 7800 linked via USB and it continually vanished from the printer settings, sometimes moving its USB port, especially when we moved between Poster Print to Canvas. Each time you reload the printer you have to

re-set the printer properties and the preferences make sure they are identical. Get these values from kodak

We had both Kodaks UK speciallist plus one from Europe in to solve the problem.

I bought a 7890 in the end that works fine

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Got the 7800 to work after being sent the version 1.0 driver for 7800 printers. Has been working perfectly until just recently when I updated the APEX to version 7.1. Now it is seen on the USB but cannot be selected. Has anyone else using a 7800 updated to version 7 on the APEX? I have two systems running them so don't really want to update the printers for a simple software issue.

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