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Kodak bankruptcy, will paper kiosk avalaible?


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As media reports in this days, but professional photographers already knew one months ago, major issue kodak bankruptcy is paper kiosk.

On chemical lab paper is not question, but who bought, or got kiosk like apex, order station, or similar with 6800,  7000, 8800 printer, wondering "kodak stock paper is empty, will empty next months or similar question".

Anyone had idea, or tryed, could be kodak paper (4R-5R-6R) and ribbon replaced with other brand like mitsubishi, sony or fujifilm ?

In case firmware printer would recognize new paper?

Lastest printer not build from kodak directly, but mitsubisci or sony made for it.


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i'm not in panic, dont worry about it.

my is only a question because wouldnt will be on september or december when work is on to find any strange paper or similar.

that's all.

Wholesaler or kodak techincians said me no problem avalaibilty or similar.

So, when on someday strange monday morning my paper box will be empty, kodak techicians will be so far to me, and issue will be mine.


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The company and its infrastructure should be unaffected for a calendar year.  To be honest, the CEO is Kodak's worst enemy right now, not Facebook and digital imaging.  

He wants to turn the company into basically an inkjet-only "all digital" entity (like inkjets aren't as analog as it gets compared to sending files over the internet).

Anyway, the last thing Kodak needs is all their customers to panic and go elsewhere; I'd still have backup plans in place in case this idiot at the top isn't put in his place, but will keep buyign Kodak products in the interim. . .

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This is sad. As far as I know, the American legend had tried a number of turnaround strategies and cost-cutting efforts in recent years, but the company which since 2004 has reported only one full year of profit, ran out of cash. I believe they should have filed for loan such as personal loans so that the company is saved. Another thing is, if pundits and experts are to be believed, the reason is very simple. Kodak missed the digital revolution in photography. It did not go digital fast enough. What do you think?

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