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Kodak G4 Disassembly

Arthur Bishop

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  • 2 months later...

I don't have the service manual, but I took one of these apart the other day, next time I can take some photos to document the process.  It is fairly easy once you know what to look for, basically it goes like this (from memory, so it should be pretty close):

1. Unplug all the cables from the back (just makes things easier as you get going)

2. Plastic screw on the back upper right, holds a latch that lets you take off the front faceplate (tilt forward) and touchscreen.

2a. With the faceplate off you have access to remove all the individual memory card boards (CF, sd card, bluetooth, etc.) They each just pull straight out, and are labeled which side is the top for reinstallation.

3. Once the front plate is off you can remove the PC from below (it just slides out, after you unplug the usb cables from the front)

4. You can also slide the touchscreen (receipt printer and all) towards the back then lift to remove.

5. You will see 4 screws on the top of the unit (small metal) unscrew these to take the plastic sides off (the sides tilt then lift off, much like the front)

6. there are two small metal screws on each side (left and right at the top) this holds the top metal plate in place, this lifts off and you have access to the card reader board/power.

7. The main board is held in place by 8 or so screws, but by this point you should be able to take the rest apart if need be, the only reason to take this board out is for replacement or access to the power supply.

Hope this is helpful, and remember be careful, if need be take pictures to reverse the process and put everything back together, also remember when handling bare circuit boards watch out for static electricity, etc. I take no responsibility with messing up your kodak machine.

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