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How to clone a Kodak Picture CD virgin?


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Here in Spain it is impossible to Cd Kodak kiosks to record images in them.

In a previous post a member said that towards the following way:

Copy the contents to a blank CD with Nero multisession activating and closing the CD.

I tried but I have not worked, I tried even with CloneCD, and has not worked.

Please someone could help me, I told you that here in Spain is impossible to get blank CDs, Kodak.


thanks ...

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As to the high cost of Kodak CDs, you're referring to the ones that are made with actual gold and are rated as archival for I want to say 100+ years, right?

If so, they are an EXCELLENT source of archival data storage, as opposed to, what a green dye that migrates enough to cause a fail rate in as little as 6 mos.?

I wouldn't use Kodak Gold CDs for everything, but for important, archival digital files (coupled with printing these out/burning to B&W film sep.'s) they're some of the only archival means for more or less "permanent" archival storage.

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