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need 6850 spare parts


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I need this exchange part for the 6850.




I have ordered the item (motor and gears) from Kodak almost one month ago, but they don't have availability.

Have you any idea where I can buy this part ?

Somebody have this part and sell it ?

any help will be appreciated, thank you.

my email : sartiglia_1@tin.it


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That's the ribbon motor.

Can you remember when you removed it, there was what looked like fine chalk dust underneath the area where the motor was.

The nylon gears have worn away, it may not look like it, but it doesn't take much wear on the gear or the worm gear to stop it working.

I have new one's that will fix that easily.


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On my 6850 (standalone firmware 656.541), I receive the perpetual 'check ribbon' error and have tried a few different ribbons.  After trying the new media, I then thought it might be a bad sensor until I read this post and opened up the panel to find a big pile-o shavings under the ribbon motor. So much that the teeth were not making contact with the wheel below.  Anyone have a working motor I might be able to purchase or try out, or know where I might get one inexpensively?

Thank you!

BT in Orlando, FL

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