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Kodak LED 20P initialization problems

lawrence Yew

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i have moved and re-installed LED20P recently and on re-starting the machine and initialization problems occurred.  messages : 217 Parameters not valid and then machine hanged and need to power off.. on another startup it showed " error message 275 Printer MC initialization failed". On running setup and diagnostics it indicated two board versions failed :  FEE ok, PEC failed OPC failed.

i have disconnected PC, boards and cleaned and dry out then re-try to start up again and problems still exist.. Can anyone tell if they have similar occurrence before and what are the possible problems and solutions. thanks

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OPC is the main computer board at the top of the printer.  I would make sure that all ribbon connectors as well as the memory simms are seated properly. Next thing to check is the power supply. The service manual covers some voltage checks as well as some visual checks (leds on the supply as well as the opc board).  I haven't had this problem, but have had other MC initialization errors that ended up being an issue with how the OPC board controls the power supply.

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Sorry to drag up this old post, but we have a Kodak Professional LED II 20P printer.

The pc that was controlling it has just died, and while we can sort another pc out, we don't have any drivers for it.

Kodak seem to have stopped putting them on their website too.

Does anyone have some they can get to us?

Also, the machine that was running it, was Windows 2000, will it work on XP Pro? It's SCSI based.

Thanks for any assistance that can be offered.

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Oh ya, runs on XP without any problems.  I don't use any drivers, just Kodak's Image Print Software which is available for download here : http://download.kodak.com/professional/software/kproPsHost/colorManage/KODAKPROFESSIONALImagePrintServer.exe

If you look in device manager in XP you will see it listed as an unknown device with a question mark, but it doesn't affect the Kodak sofware.

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