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Only Use Kodak Picutre CD's?


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Here in Spain it is impossible to Cd Kodak kiosks to record images in them.

In a previous post a member said that towards the following way:

Copy the contents to a blank CD with Nero multisession activating and closing the CD.

I tried but I have not worked, I tried even with CloneCD, and has not worked.

Please someone could help me, I told you that here in Spain is impossible to get blank CDs, Kodak.


thanks ...

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We have copied foiles from our G4 kiosks to a separate CD via our network connection. It has only been because the customer has asked us after they placed their print order.

I'd suggest it is possible, but the customer would have to select all the files they want as "prints" and then you could burn the files to  a CD.

note we have only burned files which are sent to the Noritsu, not files selected for instant prints,

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