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i am cheak the board part number j391490  it is burn see the picture blew but we can repair it

and cheak it other machine but our machine error is still ERROR 06554 calibration  plate advance error  remove the paper  BUT WE CAN NOT CHEAK  THIS BOARD THE PART NUMBER IS J391467  

dear bro we can conform the denstometer of the 3701 hd is not ok  what ca we do with  denstometer

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Check the operation of the paper sensor 1 and paper sensor 2 in input check mode.

Test the operation of calibration plate advance motor and paper advance motor in output check.

Do you know how that board got damaged?

Was something spilt on the machine?

The circuit drawing is attached for your reference

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Well if you look at the circuit drawing, there really is not much to the colorimeter unit.

I would be very surprised if the stepper motors have gone wrong.

Do the sensors work in input check? Maybe the sensors are faulty?

Maybe the wiring has been damaged?

The machine will probably not operate the motors if it thinks paper is jammed in the colorimeter unit.

So you need to confirm if the sensors are working properly first before you can test the motors.

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The PCB you show (processor I/O 2) with the burnt fuse is the 24 V supply for the 2 stepper motors in the colourimeter, also the solenoid, and fan. it also supplies power to the 2 lane select solenoids in the dryer, To blow in such a fashion I would check the coils on these solenoids and disconnect the fan. Also check the plug connection between the colourimeter and the one on the paper processor for damaged connections

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