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For larger prints the 37HD is going to be slightly better as it can output at 640dpi.

But to be honest unless you are looking at the print through a magnifying glass there is really not much of a difference between a 32/37 series printer and a 37HD series printer in terms of quality.

noritsu 3701HD 12x36 prints quality  is good but 4x6 and 5x7 prints quality is not good then fuji 350 or 370 or 375 or R2 i am installd 5 machine but i am no t satsfied ?

The Fuji 350, 370 etc machines are normally setup with high contrast and high chroma settings; the Noritsu is setup with more natural settings. If you increase the contrast and chroma standard settings on the Noritsu you will get a print that is closer to the Fuji, if that is how you like your prints.

Personally I like my photographs to look natural and similar to the actual subject.

I've never seen florescent green grass in real life!

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Hi Dave S

I am using the Frontier 7700 and you are right the grass is more like fluorescent!!!!

You are talking of reducing the contrast and chroma standard settings (or rather increasing, in case of Noritsu). Where are these settings located? I suppose Frontier 7700 being a Fuji/Noritsu hybrid they should equally work with Frontier 7700, am I right?

Can you please inform how to get to the settings please?

Thanks a lot and I do hope to get rid of the fluorescent grass soon...

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we are using more then 5 machine 3701 and 3702 when we we printing 640dpi the machine was slow printing  when we set it to 320 dpi

machine was printing was normaly  12x 36 size print was good but 4x6 or 5x7 was not good i am setting chorma  contrast  sharpness and much more but same we compare it

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