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Advice needed for the APEX Software


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Hi All,

We bought a used APEX 30 through auction recently. Unfortunately, the hard-disk of the Lenovo workstation was wiped out and a card in the pci slot is missing (empty with the back filler removed). So, I was wondering if you could help me with some advice for the following:

1. Does the APEX workstation use any dongle at all? If yes, would that be in the form of a PCI card?

2. I googled for the software and found two packages: APEX 4.0 and also KPK. Are they same? If not which one do I need for running a basic photo printing booth?

3. Do I need to purchase a new license for the software or just the media? What would be the costs and where can we get them? We are in Sydney Australia.

Advice and pointer will be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance. Regards.

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Thanks for your advice, pskaro and aussiecameras.

So, I will be looking for the APEX 4.0 media and shall talk to Aus Photo Supplies about the media and supplies.

Meanwhile, regarding APEX 4.0: is this a software package running on top of a OS (Windows/Mac/Linux) or itself a OS?

Thanks. Regards.

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Thanks Shahab and Photocare.


A month later, the APEX 4.01 DVD (Upgrade) from Kodak arrived.

So, I gave it a go. Tried installing as follows:

- Partition the HDD on the Lenovo into C: drive and E: drive

- Load Windows XP Pro SP3 on the C: drive

- Install all the components under the COMMON folder in the APEX 4.01 DVD, some went into E: mostly to C: (default)

- Install the APEX Application under the APEX folder in the DVD.


Windows XP has a new user called dls_operator. Found out that the password for this user is "dls" without the quotes.

The APEX application is not started/working.

What I've gathered:  

- APEX needs to run on top of a version of Windows Embedded.

- Way out is either: (a) OS Disc or OS Recovery Disc; (B) Ghost Image of an APEX system; and © A pre-loaded HDD as suggested by Shahab.


Slowly getting there. Advice and help will be much appreciated. Especially, if you can help me with a copy of the ghost image or a recovery cd.

Many thanks in advance.

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How did you get on with getting a copy of the APEX software?

From what I can tell there is no OS Disc or OS Recovery Disc available (don't know what the engineers get though).

Getting a ghost image is likely to be difficult (not many people would take the HDD out and ghost image it, even though it's a really good idea to have a ghost image (I have ghost image of my Kodak Kiosks and Konica Minolta R2 just incase they fail)

The pre loaded HDD may end up as your only (expensive) option. Don't forget to make a ghost copy of it if you do end up getting one.



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