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what about kodak Apex dye Sub printers

Christina Rose

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Hi all,

i heared that in kodax apex series thermal dyesub printers single 6x4 printer can print 5x7 and 6x8 without changing Ink media. i found in mitubish MPU ( mass printing unit) there is 3 printers connected witha serial sorter and which enable to print 6x4, 5x7 and 6x8. i would like to know how kodak achive all toegther in single printer. i am more curious about the technical part.



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Thats really great. so no need toomany printers. i just wonder how kodak this acheived. (i mean technical) as i am more familier with mitsubishi dyesub printers . but in mitsubishi for each different size need different ink sheets. i noticed that in mitsubishi printers, consider if wanna print 6x4 the size of ink sheet  should also use 6x4 size.. like wise 6x8 ink sheet need for 6x8 and 5x7 ink sheet need for 5x7. so for each different size need different printers or need to change ink/paper according that. and can print only 600 prints per roll ( 6x4).

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Just to add, that with 7000 model you can print 5x7 but it will be with white border because the paper is still 6" width.

Only 7050 printer can print 5x7 without border, but then this printer is dedicated only for 5x7 prints. Similar was done with 6855 which is same as 6850 with modification.

Kodak will also announce new models which will have backprinter inside the printer, I think the models will be 7005 and 7055  8)

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