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Kodak Picture Kiosk V.4 utilities

Luis Zarate

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I wish everybody are ok.

First I want to know if some body know KPK V.4 Service Password.

Second. do you know what kind of services are activate with software default installation, like facebook print, facial retouch, pet eye reduction, album, etc. specially all new services?

3th do you know if I have intalled V2 I can only install V4 and everything stay same at my configuration, like lab service and my other kiosk's network, because I have networked connected to a server kiosk to only use 1 6800 printer.

I think is very important the service password to reinstall services or activate new one.

Do you know if is needed enablement disk to use kodak movie dvd?

Thanks alot for those who take time to help me.

Best regards! :o


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Thanks for your help!

Next Monday is going to arrive to me from Kodak, KPK V4 CD's but Im thinking if I will install it inmediatly...

I have 3 questions:

1.- Can I enable in KPK V.4 after days prints?, to print in to lab, like the DLS enabler included in KPK V2?.

2.- Do you know how much is the price of the modules of new services for the KPK v.4?

3.- Do you now if you have to make a clean installation of KPK V4 or just upgrade? (I dont want to lose my DLS enabler).

Thanks Alot... to everybody


Luis :)

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