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Help About installing KPK V4 into Kodak G3 kiosk

Luis Zarate

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Thank you in advance for your help.

Today I get my Kit CD's with the KPK V4, but it doesnt work into G3 kiosks the installation says that couldnt support V4 into G3 kiosk, then because I own 3 G3 and 1 G4 kiosks all them working in network G4 is the host to print in termal, when I try to install into G4 the installation stoped and tell me that the installation couldnt continue because my G3 kiosks doesnt support V4 Installation, then I stoped any installation because I dont know if I install V4 into my G4 it will continue being the host kiosk to print.

What can you tell me about my problem?

1.- Why does G3 doesnt support KPK V4? is because the hardware? is there any patch to permit run the installation in to G3? If I upgrade hardware like mother and processor KPK V4 could be installed in to G3?

2.- Do you try to stay V2 into G3 and G4 with the new KPK V4 as a host?

3.- Could I restore to V2 if my V4 fails as a host in to my G4?

4.- Do you know If I clone (ghost) my G4 with the V4 harddrive and then install it in to my G3 kiosk it could work?

Well Thank you for everything, and I will post some other thems topics about APEX and Utilities. :)

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