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G4 DVD Burner - Teac DV-W28SLW


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first of all, excuse me for my bad Enghlish, but I think you can understand.

I wanted to share with you, like I have resolved the problem of the Burner Teac DV-W28SLW for the G4 kiosk.

Like he will know who he has had problems with this burner, is impossible find it in internet.

You can buy it only from kodak.

This  because the burner assembled in the kiosk has a Ultrabay Slim connection that is typical of the IBM/Lenovo, while the burners that are in internet (ex. eBay), they have a SATA or EIDE connection that  usually are not compatible.

The problem of this burner is  mechanic.

When the customer introduces the CD/DVD into the burner, if he doesn't push him to deep, could happen that the mechanism has subjected to excessive effort and breaks.

The portion that usually breaks is a small cogwheel.



For restore the operation there are two ways.

1)     Buy a new DV-W28SL on internet, dismount it, and change the damaged cogwheel,

2)     or you try to repair the cogwheel.

I have chosen of try the reparation because it is less expensive.

Here you can see some photo of the cogwheel after the reparation.

The reparation has stayed executed from a capable watchmaker and it works perfectly. Cost 25$


Hope this help.


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