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How connect Kodak g4 with Agfa DLAB


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Most kiosk software has the ability to dump files into a folder externally on the network so you would then be able to print via fileprint menu.

The only problem is that if multiple qtys needed it would prob only send one image and the order details may be contained within an .ini file that may gets sent with the order and you would then need to sort the order our manually.

I know that this network folder option can be done from Agfa, Oblo and Lucidium but as we are talking about Kodak software it could all be to cock anyway.

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thank you all for help.

I read on page 15 of this forum "connectivity of kodak kiosk" anythink about an kodak enabler

for Agfa. Ebay USA offers picture maker g3 who work with agfa minilab.

I must change my old agfa image box and I search an new kiosk who works with

agfa dlab.

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