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Kodak CTS Template Generator


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We have 5 Kodak outlets here in South Africa.

One of the complaints from ours customers is that the Kodak templates are quite boring and do not get changed often enough.

So, i have been trying to find out how to create new borders and calendars for the DKS and DLS machines, as well as the kodak order stations.

I have loaded the Creative Frames program on my pc, it looks a bit restrictive and i believe the templates can only be used on the DKS machines.

I have seen people talking about this CTS Template Generator and i have searched the net to try and find where i can get it from to have a look at, but i have come up against a brick wall.

Is there any body that can tell me where to get a copy of the program and/or give me some advice on how to achieve my goal?


Mark Kilner

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I would be interested in that soft too.

I heard from it too.

I do alot of new frames, specially for Christmas Cards-Calenders-frames.

My way of doing it is with Photoshop. It's a little bit tedious, but is the only

way I know  to do it: Creating the upper layer, the background, the XML file

and then put it on the DKS folder.

Is a little work but after that I can sell instant Christmas Cards in a way

that is very easy to put any photo into my templates.


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the cts template generator program works only for the dls printers. It will not work with the kodak kiosks or anything else. I use on a regular basis in a windows 2000 computer. I have never sccesfully transfered it toan xp or vista but others have. if you want more info contact me off list at dlsngl@yahoo.com

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