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Laser error


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According to the "Troubleshooting manual" if you have 6087 you have to;

6087 Laser Control PCB system error.

Corrective action

1. Press the key.

The error message will be canceled.

If it recurs

Contact your place of purchase.

1.First of all try to reconnect all connectors.

2.Look at the condition of fibre optic (ARCNET) network (most likely cause of this error)

Maintenance->system version check and check the condition of the communication.

If this good - no need to worry with network and you have to search further.

If this blinking between "ok" and "not communicated" - need to refit/resharp the optic cable.

At the end:

3. If you have  the same lab somewhere near - try to swap the board and see the result.

Report us please.

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the communication is okay. our laser ran out and we replace the whole thing. it worked for about five months but now it has started bringing this error messages maybe once or twice a day but after clearing, the message the machine goes back to normal and works fine. I am just worried it might stop working all of a sudden so if I can know the problem beforehand, I will be prepared. thanks guys for your concern and help.

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