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Need Kodak 6850 or 6800 manual


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I have a Kodak 6850 that's acting up.  I'd really appreciate a Service Manual for it if you happen to have one.

If you don't have one for the 6850, I could probably get a good idea from a 6800 manual.

Many thanks,



P.S. When someone is so kind as to send me one I'll post a new message saying I got it, otherwise assume I'm still looking  :)

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Thanks very much Frenchman!

A search turned up this thread:


wherein you provided a link:


to the manual entitled:

"DIAGNOSTICS for the Kodak PHOTO PRINTER 6800 / 6850"

Is this the "service manual" people have been talking about?

Are there any manuals available besides the above manual and the regular "users manual"?

Again thanks,


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