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can 7000 media be used in 6800 pritner?


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can 7000 media be used in 6800 printer?

the 1000 print kit for the 7000 gives you 250 more prints for the same price as the 6800's 750 print kit.

I know the barcode on the ribbon is probably different, and the actually paper spool might not physically fit, but that could be easily hacked.

anyone try to put the 1000 print kit into the 6800? thanks for responding.

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its too heavy for the rewinding ribbon motor to run, furthermore its too troublesome to unwind the paper. that is why kodak upgraded the media to 1000 print.

But is possible, u need to modify the metal plate at the bottom of the ribbon to giv more space for the ribbon to move unless u find another way to to rewind the portion of the ribbon. 

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