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68000 firmware upgrade failure HELP!


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68000 firmware upgrade failure HELP!

Just bought 35 of these units from a dealer that probably got them from walmart. Most likely taken out of g3/g4 kiosks.

Most of them have firmware version 194 installed. this is not good becuase I want to beable to print 4x6 pritns and I think version 195 or 196 is necessary to do this without wasting printing ink.

I've tried to upgrade the firmware to version 195 or 196 out of 10 units ONLY two have upgraded sucessfully.

The other ones all try 4 times to upgrade the firmware and finally it gives a failed message in the dos batch program.

I noticed on this web site below  that there is a special firmware upgrade for kiosks, but I could not try it because it requires some sort of special kiosk software to be installed. Is there anyway I can purchase this kiosk software so I can install it on my machines?


please let me know , if you think this will help.

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