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G4 Kiosk Performance Tweaks?


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Are there any setting within the Kodak kiosk software that I could tweak to improve performance?  I have my print limit set at 300 per order, and if I have 300 separate, individual images, it takes about 20 minutes or so for the order to appear on my Noritsu printer via the Order Controller (Net Order).  I think why it takes so long is because the kiosk re-sizes each file?

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It is IBM PC, and IBM usually is not very tolerant for the RAM, the last time I done it worked without problem (I think the customer buy the Kingston DDR2 at 800MHz), originaly it was 533MHz RAM inside, but it worked.

You can always check with Kodak to be sure that it is compatibile with your G4, and usually inside is only 512Mb, which is really too little for XP and specially when working with images.

Put at least 1Gb or 2Gb (but both memory banks should be the same off course  ;))

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What software version is installed ?

1Gb RAM should be OK, but more RAM is always better  ;)

Versions 2.X are more faster then the older ones, and I also heard that new version 4.X will be even better in the speed off the processing the images.

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