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Mainboard problem


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I have some trouble with one of my Kodak G3 kiosks. When i try to startup there is no videosignal. Nothing is on the screen, but I can hear the machine running.

When I replace the RAM modules, I sometimes get a signal and the G3 works for a while.

But this is only for a short period. I thought if I would change the mainboard it should solve the problem. I was looking for a type or serial but could only find E210882.

When I googled for this number I found a lot of different boards and brands.

I've got two questions.

How can I identify the precise type of the mainboard in my machine?

Is it possible to use a mainboard from a different type or brand?

thank you in advance


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Hi Anthy,

I you want find the type of mainboard ,search a styker with a bar code and number like ( 1S89XXXXXXXXXX) inside is mainboard model .

List of the mainboard (must recently to older ) IBM product,  KU1,  MUM,  LU9,  32U,  5CU,  B7U,  D1U all this board are equiped by a 2,2 GHz

Celeron CPU. Exept the KU1 all this board are equiped by 2 slot for memory.


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