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system 89


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I have system 89 and I am very happy with it. Can some body help me plase and tell me from were I can buy part for this machine please? It would be better if it is in the euro zone bec I am from malta .

It will be very help full if you there is some kind of website  or some thing.

Thank you


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HI!! Again

This is my first time that I am posting in this froum.I was serching for  a supplier to help me with the parts for my machine Kodak system 89 dls. reason is that in Malta Kodak closed down and they told me that they cannot help me any more for my machine and parts.

I am very worried now that I have no one from I can get parts. I have a technition who is very good but I do not know from were I am going to buy parts.

Kodak in Malta left me with no one to contact.

If any one please help me with this matter I really appreciated.



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My brother Martin he is a very good electronice enginer  Chris is the tecnition of Kodak that it use to be in Malta and he him self told me that they can not help me any more with parts. I asked him from were I can find to buy and he told me from Greece. That why I asked from were becuase I do not know from were I can find close to Malta. If I known I did'nt need to post here.

I came in here maybe I find help and tell me from were I can find.

Can you help me please and tell me from were and maybe they have a website please?

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