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System 88 part number list


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I have a System 88 + DLS and need the part numbers, I have 3 hreaters as spare parts and I need to replace the heater #2 (bleach), but I do not know which one is, or maybe someone can help, instead of going to 36.1 degrees is stopping in about 35.7, also the turbine that moves the chemicals is broke so I have to move it manually, but I have no manuals to change, I am in Argentina South America and technicianas here are very rare (and goods ones imposible), so I nee to do it myself...

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I don't know if the heating really stops at the temperature it shows. You should measure it with a termometer. The termo sensor may be broken. If the difference is little ask here and sure somebody explain you how to calibrate the sensor. (I don't have internet the next week). If the difference is much, maybe you should change the sensor. Other point is, if the machine detects circulation pump stopped it stops also heating, so also this may be your problem. There is a post in forum where we explain what can be the reason when a pump stops : http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1260097205/

The part numbers of the heaters are: for developer and bleach 300 Watt: N060982436  and for stabilizer  200 Watt  N060982437.

If you have to asjust the temperature, please don't touch the potentiometers on the tank PCB if you don't know how to do. You will mess up the complete heating circuit.

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we have a problem with a Kodak minilab system during the 88 + DLS when printing command for us to show this problem:

# 10610007 #: Stopping machine for SCSI comunication error

PS. we have suggested that the SCSI carten and kabllen have rotated and we have tested, but the problem still occurs ... Where can I find this book minlabi defects.

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